#03- Poultry

Effect of various levels ofautolyzed yeast (Privita) on cecal microbial population of layers reared on cage

Co-operate with Agricultural science and natural resources uiversity of Khuzestan – 2021

Department of animal science & food technology faculty

۱- Control ( without Prody100 )
2- 250 cc /1000 l
3- 500 cc / 1000 l
4- 700 cc / 1000 l

Conclusions :
Additional of autolyzes yeast at level of 500 and 700 ml/1000 l significantly increased cecal lactobacillus of secum (P<0.05). Additional of autolyzed yeast at level of 750 ml/1000 l significantly decreased cecal Ecoli compared to the other treatments(P<0.05) . In general, results of this experiment showed that levels of 500 and 750 ml/1000 l autolyzed yeast  increased cecal microbial of Lactobacillus and the level of 750 ml/1000 l decreased Ecoli of cecum of laying hens

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#02 - Agriculture

Experiment of Aminosepehron Sour tea and Sesame

 Co-operate with shahid rajaee Agriculture Co.

D.Najafzadeh Engineer
Department of R&D at shahid rajaee agriculture Co.

1️⃣ Results for sour tea:
According to Foliar spraying of 1l per 1Hectares:
1- Growth
2- whiteflies control

2️⃣ Results for sesame:
According to Foliar spraying of  2l per 1Hectares:
1-Growth of flowers
2-increase greenary